It's Time to Start Attracting Your Ideal Clients & Team Members on Pinterest!

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by my good friend Hannah Gorvin

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Gloria MacDonald

Hannah Gorvin

Profiting with Pinterest


Discover How to Attract More Clients & Team Members & Transform Your Business Using PINTEREST!

This Training Is For You If...

  • You're ready to attract more clients & team members without the daily grind of social media

  • You're doing all the things on FB & Insta to grow your biz, but feel like you're running in mud

  • You want to grow your list, client base and team without spending a ton on ads

  • You're keen to understand how to leverage Pinterest to drive traffic to your posts and articles on LinkedIn, your blog and other content

  • You're sick of posting on social media and getting poor engagement

  • You're looking for a straight-forward process to learn Power Pinning Strategies

  • You're tired of networking for leads in Facebook Groups

  • Your pretty posts on Instagram aren't generating you enough leads or inquiries

  • You're excited to embrace a powerful marketing channel - Pinterest has 265 million monthly users

  • You are ready to start generating leads on auto-pilot

  • You'd like access to an interactive and supportive community in which to grow - we'd love to meet you!

The Details

26 Video Modules

The program is designed to give you an overview of the platform - Business Profiles, Pins, Boards, Keywords. You'll learn how to approach it differently to social media, and create a keyword optimized business profile to attract your perfect clients & team members.

Homework & Tutorials

You'll get the step-by-step process of creating a business account, claiming your site and applying for tools such as Rich Pins to help you optimize your presence on Pinterest for success and start generating leads.

3 Bonuses

Learn how to design your own Original Content Pin covers in Canva, content ideas and other cool ways to leverage Pinterest to grow your business.

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Praise For Profiting with Pinterest:

I seriously thought Pinterest was just for recipes and house decor ideas. Thank you for opening my eyes!

I really didn't think I had time to explore driving traffic with another platform but after seeing your Pinterest presentation and learning how easy it is to re-purpose content I've already created, I'm so excited to start using it.

TERRI BEST // Business Transformation Coach

Thank you, Hannah, for opening my eyes and showing me step by step how I can tap into the power of Pinterest to grow my business..

For years I've been hearing my friends talk about Pinterest and I didn't get the attraction. That is until I saw Hannnah's training on how to use Pinterest to grow my business. I had no idea how powerful Pinterest was as a search engine. I'm super excited to have another platform that can generate high quality leads for my sales coaching business. Thank you, Hannah, for opening my eyes and showing me step by step how I can tap into the power of Pinterest.

DEBBIE MORTON // Sales Coach & Trainer

Unlock The Power of Pinterest To Generate Leads & Attract Your Ideal Clients & Team Members

How would you like to tap into Pinterest to attract your perfect customers and convert clicks into sales and new team members?

It's time to clear up the misconceptions surrounding Pinterest and show you why you need to start using it to grow your business!


Pinterest is a search engine

I hear people refer to Pinterest as social media. The refreshing news is that it's a search engine and you're not required to broadcast posts, chit chat or make friends here.

Pinterest is not just for sourcing recipes and interiors inspiration

It's a massive driver of traffic and can bring you referrals directly to your LinkedIn page, blog, website or products. Leverage this traffic to grow your email list and sell your services, products, coaching programs etc.

Pinterest is a platform that people use for inspiration and to try and buy

93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they've purchased something because f Pinterest. Worth considering if you're selling courses, products or services?

You don't need thousands of followers to attract leads on Pinterest

The key is to be searchable (after all, Pinterest is a search engine!) and deliver great content. How cool is that?! Content is Queen.

Pinterest offers great visibility

Your Pins (content) are seen by both people who DO follow you and those who DON'T. This means you don't need a massive following to gain credibility and influence to attract new clients, unlike many social media platforms today...

Low maintenance platform

Once set up correctly, Pinterest doesn't require hours of work every week - unlike other platforms.

Lasting reach

Your content lasts a lifetime on Pinterest - compared to Facebook where organic posts lose their reach in a matter of hours. This makes you so much more accessible on Pinterest to your ideal client.

40% of new Pinterest sign-ups are men

Don't be fooled into thinking that Pinterest is just for women.

Your ideal client and new team member is hanging out on Pinterest

It's a powerful marketing channel for businesses looking to reach high-value customers. Try entering keywords for your business in the Search Bar. If you can find them, there's room for your brand on Pinterest and - whoop whoop - your ideal clients and team members are using the platform and waiting for you to do the same!


Start Power Pinning Strategies And Learn How To Attract Your Ideal Clients, Generate Leads, Grow Your List & Build Your Team

-Without Paying For Ads!

The Content

PROFITING with PINTEREST will walk you through how to create an optimized business profile, help you approach Pinterest as a search engine and understand how Pinning can grow your list and attract your perfect customers and team members.

This course will serve you whether you're a coach, an affiliate marketer, or network marketer - the same strategies apply!

Learn Cornerstone Strategies For Pinterest Success

Learn how unique the platform is and the sheer potential that is at your finger tips to grow your business. We'll address how to move away from a social media approach to best practices for doing business on a search engine.

Optimize Your Pinterest Account For Success

Create a keyword optimized business account that will attract your ideal client, increase traffic to your blog, products and services and generate inquiries and sales.

Generate Leads & Grow Your List

Learn how to create a simple, yet very effective funnel on Pinterest to draw in your ideal clients and team members, and add them to your email list. Generate regular free traffic to your opt-ins, via your content.

Hi, I'm Hannah Gorvin!

I'm mum to two beautiful, wonderful cheeky bubbas and married to my soul-mate, Mark. I run my marketing and coaching business from my home in Hampshire in the UK.

I've got almost 20 years branding, marketing and international events management experience. I love my client work, which ranges from marketing b2b international events and trade publication, to working with female entrepreneurs to drive growth in their businesses by generating leads and attracting their ideal clients.

But enough about me!

Let's talk about how I CAN HELP YOU attract more prospects and clients and grow a business you love and super importantly, that you are proud of.

Branding and Pinterest strategies are a real passion of mine, and it is a privilege to experience this journey with fantastic business owners and watch their story unfold.

Are you ready to embrace a new platform that doesn't require you to chit-chat or make friends to generate leads and grow your list?

Learn why you can't afford to ignore Pinterest - the platform where you can attract your ideal clients, generate leads and explode your list - all without paying for ads!

So, let's get started! I'd love to be your guide on this journey! The time is now to start generating leads on auto-pilot and grow a thriving business online now.

See you in the Course!

Han x

What Others Are Saying

My confidence to use Pinterest has shot up dramatically, and now I can't wait to get started with it!

I always knew I wanted to pursue Pinterest to grow my business but I didn't have the knowledge to go about it. Hannah's program changed that - I was blown away by her knowledge and passion of this platform


I only half understood Pinterest before Hannah's training... Now I completely understand what I should be doing and how to do it.

Hannah's delivery of her training was so incredibly valuable and easy to understand. She's always so patient and thoughtful and I absolutely love working with her.

EMILY MUIA // Online Business Coach

It's Time to Start Attracting Your Ideal Clients on Pinterest!

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients & team members into you business?

Do you want to start generating leads on auto-pilot and attract leads without having to pay for ads?

Then, this training is for you!

PROFITING with PINTEREST unveils how to unlock the power of Pinterest to help you generate more leads and attract your perfect customers.

Take Advantage of The Special Launch SAVING NOW!

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee


After you watch the training, and for the next 30 days after… if you don’t think PROFITING with PINTEREST will help you enroll more new people onto your team… explode your network marketing business… and grow your income… I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot my support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment.

No questions asked.

So, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

So, Are You Ready?

Get the NEW program and start attracting your perfect clients and team members on Pinterest.

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